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Tux Paint is a free drawing program for children aged 3-12 years.

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Author: Tux Paint
Category: Image Editor
  • Tux Paint is appropriate for children in many ways. It may have an elementary, a bit dated interface, but even young children can find it easy to navigate.
  • The row of buttons are nicely placed to allow users to can create lines, draw shapes, erase and even print drawings in an instant!
  • And, it is hard not to mention the brilliant idea of creating a cartoon penguin mascot that helps explain things.
  • In the term of tools and features, the painting tool is quite reliable for children. It features a set of special effect tools, a rubber stamp collection of over 250 images, lots of sound effects, and two dozen magic tools (for the latest version).
  • Today, the painting tool has been translated into nearly 40 languages including French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Hebrew, and Greek.
  • Intended for young children, there isn’t so much to expect from Tux Paint.
  • For newcomers, the painting tool is a lot of fun, features and sounds. But, after mastering it, children will find it a bit boring and losing its entertaining feel.
  • However, this can usually be addressed by enabling some unlocked features and adjust the settings of mouse, keyboard, audio, video and more.
  • And, another drawback is in its color collection. This painting tool only has some basic colors for additional colors are not available.
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Rerated Score: 98/100
Author: Tux Paint
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Tux Paint is globally known not only for it being a completely free painting tool but also for its kid-friendly program. Tux Paint is under the provisions of the GNU General Public License so you can download, install, copy and share it with anyone. The painting tool, like other open source software, can run on almost all systems, including Windows, Linux, and BeOS, as long as the requirements are fulfilled. Thanks to its kids-friendly feature, children (ages 3 and up) find it easy-to-use and entertaining. The painting tool is a good way to educate children about art and computer all at once. What else does the painting tool have for your kids? Let’s know its pros and cons.

The program Tux Paint is made specifically for children from 3 to 12 years. The developers thought that the little ones would not be able to cope with any complicated Photoshop and SAI, so they decided to make something colorful, understandable and with hints. Tux Paint was written under Linux, it has the same penguin character; it was transferred to other platforms — Windows, Mac OS X, BeOS — but they didn’t change the bird. The latest version was released on December 27, 2010. Despite its apparent antiquity, this program still helps both children and adults.


Now we will install it and imagine that we are five years old. But attentiveness will not be changed, otherwise, the program will laugh at us. Even when installing, a window will pop up with a proposal to have a network game – we refuse, of course, we don’t need this.

At the end of the installation, we get the following window. We will be kindly asked to check the default settings and, if necessary, write down our own, and prudently open the web page and show how to work with the program.

Do not forget to download stamps. They will come in handy. And remember: we will not have access to other files from our computer, users of Windows 7, we will have to choose only what is already in the program. For those who have Vista or XP, there is a way: convert the image to PNG format and put it in the Tux Paint save directory; I, unfortunately, can not show where and how to enter, because I have seen on my computer. But in Tux Paint built musical accompaniment and a kind of dialogue. We did something right – we will immediately be praised: we are only five years old, we love to hear only good things about ourselves.

Well, let’s draw. Select “Stamp” on the toolbar on the right, and after – the image on the left panel. Take, for example, a spider and arrange it processing in all respects. Click “Magic” and try the effect of “Chalk.” At the bottom, there will immediately be a hint what and how can be done.

One effect is clearly not enough; now apply a couple more. To prevent the spider from getting out, we will put it behind a brick wall, and at the same time turn it into a cartoon. The animation for each movement of the mouse over the image will change the outline and painting of the image. If something does not suit, click “Rollback” or use the “Eraser”.

Let’s leave the tortured spider and try to draw a real picture. We keep what we already have, choose the fill color or the workpiece – we remember that the program only works with its own files! – and open what happened.

We have a wonderful wall and castle contour. We can do everything that is provided by the developers: paint, put a stamp-image next to the picture, add effects or write something.

This unpretentious programming does not go to any comparison, say, with SAI, but for young children, it will be an excellent help. In the meantime, kids draw, dad and mom can relax or go about their business.

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