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The Weather Channel

Sun, storm or heatwave – brave all weather conditions with The Weather Channel, an IBM Business. Get live radar updates and check the local weather on precise maps from your phone or tablet. Get ready to tackle what’s ahead with your weather map and local weather forecast.

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The Weather Channel iOS, Android App
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Author: The Weather Channel
Category: Astronomy
  • Hourly and extended forecast.
  • Social reporting.
  • Polished design.
  • Notification tray widget.
  • Lots of ads.
  • No customization.
  • Locked interface forces excessive scrolling.


  • Weather your way! With your daily weather news, get a personalized weather map and enjoy a new visual way to learn about your daily conditions. Discover instant insights, a live radar, a hurricane tracker & more!
  • Weather alerts that you can subscribe to – Press push notifications to track live weather news!
  • Track Weather alerts & conditions – Stay alert for travel and spring weather like flash flooding with our storm tracker, and track weather alerts with our weather radar, storm tracker and hurricane tracker.
  • Severe weather alerts, from heavy rain to unexpected heat waves. Spring is around the corner – our storm radar will and weather news will ensure you stay safe no matter the weather!
  • Weather maps for pollen & weather forecast updates give you all the information you need, wherever you are!


The newest iteration of the Weather Channel app has further beautified an already lovely experience. Your main screen shows the current temperature and conditions displayed over a large, bright photograph. The image is, usually, selected to match your current location, but it frequently draws from stock images. From here, you can also see what conditions other Weather Channel users are reporting and when the next round of precipitation is likely to occur.

Sometimes, you see an ad instead of a tasteful photo as the main page’s background. These ads don’t impede your ability to use the app, but they’re not always pleasant to look at. That’s in addition to banner ads throughout the app. You can pay $3.99 a year to remove these ads, which seems a bit steep to me.

The ads are doubly annoying because the mPlus Rewards (formally mPoints) system is still embedded in the Weather Channel app. In earlier versions of The Weather Channel, mPlus was so irritating that I briefly considered setting fire to my phone. It is, thankfully, now optional, but its continued presence, in addition to banner ads, is annoying.

The rest of The Weather Channel app is displayed down a vertically oriented column of panels. As you move down, a handy arrow appears that zooms your view back to the top when tapped. Unfortunately, The Weather Channel does not allow you to remove or reorient panels in the app, meaning you’ll have to scroll all the way down if you’re looking for something specific.

While the main page is for taking a fast glance at current conditions, the rest of the app digs into nitty-gritty details. You’ll see the temperature, position of the sun, sunrise and sunset times, wind speed and direction, humidity, dew point, barometric pressure, and current UV index. The app also includes Hourly and Daily forecast panels that can be expanded to show more detailed information. Notably, the Daily forecast extends out to 15 days. A Health section includes information about airborne allergens and illness.

When you tire of all that vertical motion, you can swipe left and right to view the weather in other locales. Just tap the plus button at the top of the screen to search for a city. Saved locations are in an easily editable list below.

Interesting features

The latest trend in weather apps is crowdsourcing local weather reports from users. The aggregate of these local reports is displayed at the top of the app, but, if you want to add your own voice to the mix, you have to scroll nearly all the way to the bottom. Weather Underground puts its reporting tool up at the very top, within easy reach.

For when you want to see the weather with your own eyes, The Weather Channel has its radar view. The map is geo-located to your current position, but you can pan and zoom to your heart’s content. Controls at the bottom pause and play a looping video of weather conditions in your area. The radar map also includes a Future Radar feature, which shows an animated prediction of upcoming conditions.

The radar map displays the temperature overlay by default, but you can choose from nine different overlays, each displaying different conditions like basic radar, clouds, and rain.

For a quick glance at the current conditions and the day’s forecast, you can add a Weather Channel widget to the Today section of the notification tray. I like that The Weather Channel crams lots of critical information into a single forecast, but I much prefer the Weather Underground widget; it uses a clever graph to display an entire day’s worth of information in remarkable detail.


While the Weather Channel is good, however, Weather Underground is better. It has fewer ads, offers a lot more customization, and employs clever graphs and graphics to great effect.

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Author: The Weather Channel
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  1. Juliana

    The previous version was better. The location was determined by the coordinates of the network, and now it is not always possible to establish the current location even by the name of the settlement.

  2. Marc

    A very good application. The weather forecast is the same.

  3. Andrea

    the application does not work !! It’s raining, showing precipitation 0%

  4. Emilia

    After the latest updates, it started to crashes. The card does not open, hangs and crashes to the desktop

  5. Bill

    Precision – This is what I love this app!

  6. Aiden

    After the update, the program became somewhat cumbersome and slow. Maybe she has become richer in functions, but I do not want to understand since the weather forecast does not come true systematically. It became impossible to focus on him.

  7. Shirley

    I like, while everything is fine, I haven’t figured it out yet.

  8. Amanda

    The best service, but sometimes on top of the clock it shows the wrong temperature value until you go into the application, only then the reading is synchronized

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