how to recover psd file
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melanie asked 2 years ago

I has disappeared by magic a file .psd, very important. The thing was: I was editing the file (I’d been working on the vaios months) in photoshop and want to save it told me I had no permission to do so (despite the fact that I am the only user of the computer). So I closed without saving. Then I wanted to open, and I could not for the same thing, he told me that he was not permitted to see him. Then he just disappeared from the folder and is no longer… out in the recent files, but when I try to display location, it takes me to the folder where it was, but not coming out. I installed recuva, but when I want to retrieve it tells me it can’t read the data from the file on the disk.
I don’t understand why has been cleared only if I didn’t touch anything… I need to recover urgently, so I appreciate any help or at least an explanation of why it might occur.
Many thanks

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Apper Staff answered 2 years ago

You just need some file recovery tool, like Recuva.