Over 5,000 independent movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Over a dozen categories from adrenaline-filled action-adventure films to hilarious comedy and critically acclaimed documentaries. SnagFilms also has special interest gay & lesbian movies, international foreign films, and much much more!

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Author: SnagFilms
Category: Entertainment, Radio/TV
  • 1080p and 720p stream quality
  • Easy to use
  • Promotes independent films and documentaries
  • Problems when you stream at higher qualities
  • Pretty heavy on the battery


  • Watch on your TV, Phone or Tablet.
  • Add films to your queue to watch later.
  • Sync videos between Phone, Tablet, TV, and
  • 17 movie, TV show & documentary categories, including festival films and award winners.
  • In-app sharing with Facebook and Twitter.
  • Search for films and sort movies by genre, topic and run time.

SnagFilms is a free movie app mainly focused on documentaries and independent films. They have a library with upwards of 5,000 titles. The app has few ads and loads of films.

Minimal Look

SnagFilms’ interface is sleek and modern while remaining very functional. The main page shows featured films and relevant categories. As usual, you have your search bar at the top and your menus on the left side.

High-Quality Streaming

Most titles available can be streamed in either 1080p or 720p. However, there are a few issues that may hinder your experience.

Buffer problems are all too common at higher qualities and fast-forwarding the movie may cause it to break, forcing you to reload the page and start all over again. To fast forward a movie you need to select one of the lower qualities and then revert to a higher one.

SnagFilms’ Player Options

The video player SnagFilms uses lets you do basic things like modifying the volume, move forward or backward through the video, enter full-screen mode, and change the quality of the video. Unfortunately, you can not read subtitles along with a movie like you can with websites like Sony Crackle.

Right below each movie is some additional options so you can share the link to the video over email, Facebook, or Twitter. There’s also an option to embed the video on your own website and see other recommended videos based on what you’re watching.

If you sign on to SnagFilms after creating a free account, you can also add movies to a queue while you’re browsing through them so that you can watch them later in one location.

SnagFilms’ Movies Show Very Little Advertising

SnagFilms does have to advertise, like most other websites that offer free movies, but they’re really aren’t that many.

Unlike similar websites, SnagFilms doesn’t indicate where the ads are placed within a video, but there seemed to be two to three in most of the movies I’ve watched, which is rather slim compared to other movie streaming websites.

SnagFilms’ App Is Simple to Use

You can sign on to SnagFilms’ free movie app through Twitter, Google, Facebook, or by creating a free account with your email. Signing on lets you view recommended films and access your queue, though there’s an option to skip logging on if you don’t need to.

The Categories section of the app holds all the same genres as the website so you can quickly browse through movies you’re in the mood for. Similarly, the homepage of SnagFilms’ app has all the same sections and collection as the desktop version, which makes moving to mobile super easy.

The app doesn’t have the same video player options as the SnagFilms website, though, which means you can’t alter the quality of the movie. However, while testing a few movies, it seemed as if the higher quality version of the films were being streamed to my phone because they looked very clear.

This means it’s likely that SnagFilms provides a particular streaming quality based on your network speed, which I find acceptable.

Final Thoughts

Both SnagFilms’ website and mobile app are easy to use and let you stream high-quality films, which is extraordinary for a free website.

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Rerated Score: 65/100
Author: SnagFilms
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