Showbox is a popular app that allows users to watch content on any Android ran tablet, phone, or computer. The app is free to use and even allows you to download the content for offline viewing.
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  • Free to use
  • This application is free to download and use, showing no signs of in-app purchases. Should you download the app from a third party and the app asks you for any personal information you should delete the app immediately as it is a scam.
  • Available on any Android Device
  • Showbox is available for any device that runs an android system.
  • Stream or Download Content
  • This software allows you to watch any content you would like while you are online or, you could download it to view later while offline.
  • Buggy Experience
  • Users have reported many technical difficulties with the app, and it certainly doesn’t have any customer service to help you out with. Should users have any problems with the software, the only answers could be found by other users experiencing the same thing.
  • Risky Download
  • While Showbox itself is an app that is safe to use, the source in which you download the app may cause some problems. Should you download the app through the safety of the Google Play store, you wouldn’t have any problems with the app. Unfortunately, the Google Play store does not have the Showbox so you will have to download the app from a 3rd party source that could potentially harm your device.
  • It’s Illegal
  • Of course being able to watch any show you want for free with a single app is very convenient, however, it is technically illegal to do so. Showbox is able to show you any content that you want to see by torrenting the content for you to see. Being able to watch any content at the drop of the hat really did just sound too good to be true.


  • Free to use
  • Download content
  • Ad-Free

The app is not just available on Android. It is available on PC, Mac, and iPhone. It’s somewhat different from installing on iPhone as you need a separate app. On PC, the simple procedure of downloading the file is followed, but the file is a downloader which downloads the app itself. You can easily install the app on Mac. On Android, you can download from many websites. The app is available on multiple platforms, but I’ll be focusing on the Android version as that one is the most popular and the features on other platforms are almost the same.

Installing Showbox on iPhone

Installing Showbox on iPhone requires vShare. In that app, you’ll have to search for Moviebox. The name is different, but the app is the same. Once downloaded, you can enjoy free movies and TV shows.

Beside not being an official app, the app requires a few permissions. Showbox requires location permission. Why does it ask for the location? Well, to show you the ads related to your device location. The trick here is even you turn off the location; it can still estimate the tower-based location. So, as long as you open the app, and you are online, the app can access your location. The second one is for downloading the media to your device.


On Android, the app shows the latest movies’ news. You get to see celebrities review, chats, talks, interviews, etc. The screen is called Trending. It comes with a button to see all the news with the left menu. Touching on See More option separates movies news and TV shows news.

You can sort the movies by rating and the added time. There are over 15 genres to choose from. Meanwhile, you can also select the releasing year of the movie to filter the movie screen. The options are available on the top-right menu.

The evergreen left menu is part of the Showbox app. It comes with trending, movies, TV shows, news, trailers, favorites, downloads, new releases, and settings options. As I’ve already mentioned in the trending section, we get the news. In the movies section, we get the latest movies. In TV shows we get TV shows. The news section shows the same news which we see in the trending section. I don’t know why there is a separate section for news. By tapping on trailers, we can see the movies’ and shows’ trailers. In the favorites menu, we have the movies we like. In the new releases, we can see the newly released movies and TV shows, and lastly, in the settings menu, we can change the settings including when to download movies and change the quality of the video, etc.

When you touch a movie or a TV show, another screen pops-up with the Watch Now and Download buttons. Things go a little bit messy here, and I’ll explain what, but let’s discover the screen first. On the top, we have the favourite option with share and select the server option. On the bottom, we have the movie name, releasing year, the genre with the movie rating. After that, we have the information about the movie with the watch trailer button. If you swipe down, you will be able to see the related movies. The download button shows you the servers to download the film. If the video is not available for direct download, then you have the option to download the movie via one of the torrent servers. Touching the watch now shows you the media player.

Unfortunately, the Showbox app does not come with its own media player. For the app to work properly, you will have to download Lime Player. The app shows that it is going to support MX Player and XPlayer very soon. To install Lime Player, you can click install button which will go to the Play Store link where you can download the line player. Lime Player is a separate app, and it’s not a part of the Showbox app review.

Problems with Showbox

The app has a couple of issues. The first one is you have to download a separate app on Android to watch movies. Without a video player, you can not watch videos, but you can still download the videos. Secondly, it shows ads which may not be suitable for all users. Although there is an option to disable the adult ads and the option comes enabled by default.

Should I use the Showbox app

The app is great and you get to see the new movies in good quality. The app is not available on the official stores and the app uses your device’s location which can be problematic in the future. As there is no one to protect us, the app can track us and get our information. It is recommended that you use some sort of VPN to hide your identity. There are many free VPNs available to try.

There are a few services out there which allow you to watch free movies online, and Showbox is one of the easy to navigate apps.

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Rerated Score: 84/100
Author: Okchid Brands Private LLP
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