Shazam is one of the world’s most popular apps, used by hundreds of millions of people each month to instantly identify music that’s playing and see what others are discovering. All for free.

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Shazam iOS, Android App
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Author: Apple, Inc.
Category: Multimedia, Music
  • Very accurate at identifying music
  • Keeps a historical list of all your tags
  • Free from ads
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Helps you discover new music
  • Works with popular devices
  • Shows lyrics as you listen to songs
  • Sometimes slow


  • Enjoy music lyrics and YouTube videos
  • Preview songs and add them to Apple Music or Spotify playlists
  • Launch Pandora radio based on artists you discover
  • With Auto Shazam, we’ll keep finding tunes for you even when you leave the app

Details about Shazam:

  • Music can be tagged manually by tapping a button, or automatically by using the AUTO option, which works even if you lock your device or switch to using a different app.
  • When in Auto mode, Shazam can be set up to send you notifications so you know it’s actually working and tagging the songs you hear.
  • Shazam’s Explore feature shows you popular tags from other users on a map, including those near you.
  • Lyrics can be displayed (for some songs) in real-time.
  • You can replay a small portion of a song even after you’ve tagged it, as well as play through all of your tags together, continuously.
  • The time of a tag is shown with each song you find, and you can also have Shazam tell you where you were when you tagged it.
  • Shazam shows a link to a YouTube video of a song you tag, so you can listen to the whole thing.
  • Recommended tracks are shown alongside the songs you tag so you can find similar music and artists.
  • A full biography is shown for each artist.
  • You can look through the discography of an artist, as well as add any of their songs to your Shazam tag list.
  • The Charts section of Shazam displays trending tags, top songs in the US and globally, and popular tags in different genres, including Shazams from TV shows.
  • It’s easy to search for upcoming concerts near you or at any location, and buy tickets, as well as see all the tour dates, of the artists you discover with Shazam.
  • The music you tag can be opened with Beats Music, Google Play Music, and Spotify, as well as built as a new radio station in iTunes.
  • Tagged music can be shared through Facebook, Twitter, email, and other apps.
  • You can access all your tags by logging in to Shazam on a computer, where you can listen to previews, download a full history list of all of the tagged songs, view lyrics, share them, see how many other users tagged that song, and find links to purchase them on Amazon, iTunes, and/or the Google Play store.

Shazam was one of the first apps for the phone that could recognize music and other media around you by “listening” and then displaying the song on your screen with options to buy. And even after all this time, it’s still one of the best around.

When it debuted, Shazam was a neat way to show off what a smartphone could do, but it has since evolved to give you much more information about the songs and other media the app recognizes.

Even better, the app continues to improve with each update, and Shazam says there’s more to come in the weeks ahead. Check back to learn what Shazam has in store for the app when the promised features become available.

Getting around in Shazam

Upon launch, you’ll see the main screen, where you can tag a song by hitting the Shazam button in the center of the screen. The design has gotten a facelift since earlier versions and looks much more streamlined with a deep blue background and flattened interface elements. Across the bottom of the interface are buttons to get to the different features of the app.

A Tags button lets you browse through all your previously tagged songs and other media. The News button shows what your friends have tagged (if you login with Facebook) recently. The Explore button gives you a map interface where you can see what people around the world are tagging. In the lower right, a button labeled Pulse gets you to an area with multiple screens you can browse by swiping to see what’s hot on Shazam and other most popular lists.

Identify music, shows, and commercial

Shazam’s main function is “tagging” or recognizing media it can hear through your iPhone’s microphone. When you hear a song playing you don’t recognize, you can touch the Shazam button in the bottom center of your screen and the app will “listen,” then display the name of the song on your screen along with album art, buying information, and a list of things you can do with your tagged song.

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Rerated Score: 95/100
Author: Apple, Inc.
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  1. Gabriella

    It used to be better, it doesn’t find tracks at all. What is the conversation about, the track does not find, more than a year ago I found using the same program, I don’t know that the developers did it with a shazam, but now it works disgustingly.

  2. Jenna

    For some reason, it doesn’t work. He writes that something did not work)) but what exactly ?????????

  3. Wyatt

    does not open. He constantly writes that there is no Internet connection. Although the Internet itself is both wired and wireless …

  4. Erin

    Recently, it has ceased to recognize music, in general. You put the application -> you go in -> everything is ok. You go in the next time -> thinks for a long time and cannot find it -> after that a split second generally passes, and immediately “no results” pops up.

  5. Juliana

    one answer is “not found”.

  6. King

    Great application, but very annoying pop-up, large text while viewing text.

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