PicTapGo is the simple, fun, and fast photo editing app. Transform your images in seconds with over 70 stackable filters, an intuitive crop and rotate tool, reusable recipes, and fast workflow. PicTapGo is an effortless extension of your photography lifestyle.

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PicTapGo iOS, Android App
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Author: Totally Rad! Inc.
Category: Entertainment, Photography
  • Simple
  • Fun
  • Fast
  • Sometimes lags


  • Quick access to the camera roll
  • Stack over 70 filters
  • Adjust filter strength
  • Intuitive crop and rotate
  • Quickly adjust brightness, contrast, color, and warmth
  • Enhance your pics with lens effects and vignettes
  • Save custom recipes to use again and again
  • Crop and Rotate/Straighten tool
  • Built-in camera for effortless picture taking and seamless editing

In the PicTapGo application, you can find a huge number of presets that easily adapt to any photo. The program is inherently unique but more applicable as one of the processing stages as a whole. Still, a big plus of PicTapGo is the ability to apply different filters a huge number of times, avoiding the next save. As in the above applications, the advantage is to create your own filter.

With so many apps that provide a barrel of filters, it’s hard to get noticed. But PicTapGo is a very nicely done app that features more than 70 photo effects that are worthwhile and not some of the junk that the ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ apps has.

What it does

PicTapGo allows you to layer filters, and a slider lets you vary the strength of the effect, along with the clarity. Your filter recipes can be saved and used again, and the app also includes a variety of lens effects and vignette tools for corners.

Sending your finished photos to social media is easy and direct, and if you choose Instagram the crop is automatic. Any photo can be cropped to any aspect ration, and there are several pre-sets. The app also includes a rotation/straighten tool that is quite intuitive.

Filters are grouped in sets, like color and mono, or you can see all at once. There are plenty of vintage photo effects too.

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Rerated Score: 91/100
Author: Totally Rad! Inc.
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  1. Damon

    Super! Good app!!

  2. Casper

    I really liked this application. photos are beautiful and high quality

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