When it comes to editing video on an iOS device, LumaFusion has no equal. This is the poster child for how a “desktop-class” mobile app should perform and redefines what’s possible on a smartphone or tablet.

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LumaFusion iOS, Android App
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Author: Luma Touch LLC
Category: Audio and Video
  • Desktop-class pro video editing on iOS
  • Built-in titles, effects, color correction, royalty-free music
  • Import media from SMB network drives, cloud storage services
  • No iCloud sync between devices
  • Occasional crashes
  • Can’t export projects to desktop (promised for next major update)
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Rerated Score: 89/100
Author: Luma Touch LLC
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LumaFusion is the first mobile video editor that lives up to the hype, one so ridiculously feature-packed, it seems unfair to pay the developer so little ($20) for it. Rather than reinvent the wheel, LumaFusion enables old-school multitrack editing – three tracks for video with audio, plus three for audio-only – in a modular user interface.

I’ve tried all of the third-party mobile editing apps. They’re either too cumbersome or have limitations that make them unsuitable for more ambitious projects. Worse yet, most of these apps feel like they were designed by people who never edited video before.

Not so with LumaFusion, whose comprehensive tools are laid out in a logical, intuitive way that will be instantly familiar to anyone who’s used desktop non-linear editing software. Even on the iPhone, the user interface is surprisingly spacious and easy to use, especially after watching the quick start video linked in the Help menu. Multiple preset layout options accommodate most any editing style.

How to use

The universal app checks off a lengthy list of professional features: Support for frame rates other than 30p (24p, 60p, and PAL standard 25p or 50p), ripple and slip editing, the ability to shuttle or mark in/out points from the source viewer, live audio mixing, advanced titles, and most remarkably keyframes, which allow basic size and position animation.

Until recently, editing video on iOS was limited to media from the Camera Roll. iOS 11 and the Files app changed all that, but LumaFusion kicks things up another notch with support for importing from (or exporting to) cloud storage and SMB-compatible network-attached servers like my ASUSTOR AS7008T.

Once imported into LumaFusion, tap on a clip in the Sources panel to open it in the viewer, then trim start and end accordingly. Thoughtful touches abound: Swipe down to mark an in point, up for an out point, or make precision trims with by double-tapping the viewer to go full-screen.

Before dragging a clip from the viewer and dropping it onto the timeline, you can switch between overwrite and replace edit modes at the tap of a button. By default, LumaFusion performs insert edits, automatically shifting adjacent clips to make room for the one being added; it’s also easy to replace existing clips by dragging a new one on top of them.

Beyond basic editing, LumaFusion shines at spicing up projects with a generous selection of effects, transitions, titles, color correction, and a small (but high-quality) library of royalty-free music built-in. The ability to key out footage shot against blue or green screens is particularly impressive and works remarkably well.

Still on my wish list is iCloud sync between devices – you can’t start a project on the iPhone and pick up where you left off on iPad without performing an archive and restore. But that’s nitpicking, considering the exhaustive number of things this app can do.


  1. Lilian

    Pay once, use forever! Luma Fusion is worth more than its price tag; it competes well against the likes of Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas with its simplicity and efficiency. However, it lacks some (most used/ popular) effects that you may find the former having plenty of (both visual and audio). That doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth the trouble; the precision, the control, the friendly UI and the overall organized file distribution, you can’t go wrong there.

  2. Mickey

    Absolutely brilliant and very powerful video editor

  3. Andrea

    Now the app keeps immediately crashing, as soon as it opens! I click the icon, to start the app. I pull in 2 short videos to edit them together. I try to link them, before editing, and the app appears to just shut down. I restart the app. It does it again. I try it again… the same thing.

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