Kodi is an open-source media player that got its start on the Xbox console. It is now available across many devices and is used primarily to stream movies and television shows online, but it’s a little more complicated than that.

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Kodi iOS, Android App
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Author: XBMC Foundation
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  • Support for lots of devices
  • Amazing selection of add-ons
  • Endlessly customizable thanks to open source roots
  • Awkward to control with keyboard and mouse
  • Unusual interface
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Rerated Score: 80/100
Author: XBMC Foundation
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  • Contains language support and translations for over 12 languages with more currently under development
  • Access all of your media files in one program
  • Huge variety of add-ons created by Kodi and third-party developers
  • Consider using a VPN (a virtual private network) while streaming movies and TV shows to protect your IP address and personal information

User experience

By default, Kodi runs in full-screen mode – an indication that it’s designed to be used on a dedicated box – but if you dig into settings you’ll discover a windowed mode too. Unfortunately, finding this option means navigating through Kodi’s imperfectly laid-out menu system – an unwieldy and labyrinthine experience.

Once you’re used to how things work (and it’s much better if you’re using a remote rather than a keyboard and mouse), you’re in business and ready to start streaming media to devices all-around your home.

Add-ons and customization

The sheer number of add-ons can be overwhelming, and it may take you a while to find the best ones to enhance your experience. But it shouldn’t take too long to get used to how things work, and it’s worth the effort.

It’s certainly well worth investigating the many plugins that give the software’s interface a new look. From Spotify to YouTube and virtually everything in between, you can take advantage of hundreds of free add-ons to help give your Kodi service more versatility.

How a VPN can help with Kodi

Even though Kodi gives you the option to stream, it doesn’t provide the content. Instead, as we’ve mentioned, users need to navigate through a growing list of add-ons before they’re able to watch content. Unfortunately, not every add-on may be available in your region. If you’re looking to watch BBC iPlayer, for instance, and you’re not in the UK, you’re going to have a hard time logging in.

Fortunately, most VPNs (virtual private networks) are Kodi-compatible, meaning all you have to do is connect to a VPN location in the area where you want to stream, and everything should work fine. Furthermore, bear in mind that a VPN helps secure your devices so you can watch, listen, and download without having to worry about someone snooping on your network.



  1. Lora

    The application is good, but the optimization is limping

  2. Theo

    The interface is small and inconvenient, the display orientation is only one, the function of selecting the audio track does not work.

  3. Cherry

    Great app. Sorting by date does not work. But overall the best app.

  4. Stephany

    installed on the TV everything worked, but with each update, it got worse and worse. Now TV channels do not work at all.

  5. Marina

    After the last update, it stopped playing movies

  6. Emily

    Before the update, I stopped using it – it constantly hung up, it crashed. I was going to delete everything, but I accidentally turned it on yesterday – it works! It does not freeze, it does not slow down, excellent.

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