Insta3D – create your own 3D avatar

Insta3D – create your own 3D avatar

Insta3D Avatar Creator can turn you into an animated cartoon avatar with just one selfie – and turn you into an idol! Animate a photo of your face into your own 3D animated avatar with a mind of its own through Insta3D!

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Insta3D – create your own 3D avatar iOS, Android App
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Author: Speed 3D Inc.
Category: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Photography
  • Many different features for creating different avatars
  • Ability to add different backgrounds and to take pictures of avatars for sharing with friends
  • Can use an existing selfie or take a new one from within the app
  • Many of the better feature packs are only available through in-app purchase
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Rerated Score: 85/100
Author: Speed 3D Inc.
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  • Create and store unlimited unique 3D animation avatars
  • In-app tips for taking the perfect photo for your avatar
  • Share your 3D avatar with friends for laughs as a picture or video
  • Share your avatar through text, email, and twitter
  • Plenty of fun-filled bonus accessory packs that include more outfits, more moves, and more backdrops

Insta3D is not the only app available that will let you create avatars from your own picture gallery; in fact, there are a lot of them. There are even some that will let you create music videos with your avatar in the starring role, so in order to be a success an app in this category has to consider the competition. Insta3D does a pretty good job of standing up to the competition. It includes some cool features and you can definitely have a little fun with this one.

One problem with this app is the lack of instructions. When you take your first selfie within the app you’re given some tips on what type of picture to take but that’s about it. The description of the app in the App Store does give some clues about the features of the app, but it doesn’t really explain how it works. The other problem with this one is that the free version of the app is quite limited and most of the better feature packs are only available through in-app purchase. This app will require 92.1 MB of available space on your iOS device.

How it Works

The first thing you need to do is to either take a new selfie from within the app or select an existing one from your photo library. If you choose a picture from your library make sure it is a face shot, otherwise the app won’t process it properly. Once you have a picture you’re satisfied with it’s time to select the features you want to add to your avatar. You have the option to change the skin tone, change the clothing style of your avatar, give him/her different hats, and you can make him/her dance if you like.

What makes this app really fun is that you can add different backgrounds and take snapshots of your avatar to share them with friends and family. There are a few backgrounds included with the app, but you can also select a picture from your own gallery to use as a background. The options for switching between editing your avatar’s features and taking photos of your avatar are found at the bottom of the screen. It really is a lot of fun and works quite well. I never experienced any glitches and it didn’t crash at any time.

It’s easy to create a personal avatar or an idol on your phone and animate a photo of you or your friends with Insta3D’s animation maker! Take a photo of any one’s face and transform them into a 3D animation in seconds! Rotate, zoom and move the avatar in a full 3D view as you watch it come to life in full effect! Turn a photo into a 3D animation avatar!

  • Take a picture of yourself or use an existing photo
  • Select a boy or a girl avatar
  • Watch as the Insta3D animation creator animates your face into a full-bodied, moving the 3D avatar in seconds!

There are plenty of ways to customize and add personality to your newly created 3D avatar! Choose from tons of hairstyles, accessories, and outfits to give your 3D animated character a unique look!

Customize with tons of looks!

  • Match your 3D avatar’s hairstyle with your own, or pick an accessory to wear!
  • Adjust your 3D avatar’s skin tone to match your own face
  • Select a pair of glasses for a unique look
  • Choose an outfit for every occasion!

With Insta3D, your Avatar or your Idol is always on the move and you can even choose how they act on the screen like an idol! Choose their facial expressions and watch as they dance, wave to you, strike poses and more! Your 3D Avatar has got some moves!

  • Pick how you want your avatar to dance, move and more
  • Several funny facial expressions to personalize your 3D animation

Insta3D lets you put your 3D avatar into its own world with select or custom backgrounds. Choose from different preset backgrounds, or set your own photo or video as a backdrop!


  1. Robin

    i like this app very much!!!!!!!!!

  2. Isaac

    Great 3D avatar. The absence of avatar exports to animated gifs or short video clips. I wanted to use my 3D avatar in other messaging apps.

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