FileZilla Client is a fast and reliable cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP client with lots of useful features and an intuitive graphical user interface.

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Author: FileZilla
Category: FTP
  • Easy to use.
  • Feature rich.
  • Includes site manager functions.
  • Does not support site-to-site transfer
  • Passwords saved in open text.
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Rerated Score: 96/100
Author: FileZilla
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FileZilla can light up a slovenly FTP server; it picks up aborted downloads seamlessly if the connection is dropped and the Keep Alive system retains a usable link if the source server is busy, Connections can be made despite the presence of firewalls, and proxies can be SSL secured.

FileZilla also features a waiting queue to manage uploads and downloads. There’s bookmarking and remote file editing too, and it’s cross-platform with versions for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

User experience

If you’ve ever used an FTP client before, FileZilla’s two-pane design will be immediately familiar. The Quick connect tool makes it easy to get started, and stores up to 10 logins and is ideal if there are no special security or connection requirements. Simply enter the domain, plus your username and password, and edit the port if it’s something other than the default.

For more advanced connection options you’ll need the Site Manager, which is located under File. This lets you configure options like encryption, transfer settings (essential if you’re using a proxy) and the server type.

Once you’re connected, just drag and drop files from the left-hand pane to the right to transfer them. The panel below the file tree shows the file queue, and right-clicking it enables you to process the queue, or decide what should happen once it’s finished processing (close FileZilla, run a command or shut down your system, for example).

Everything you need is within easy reach, with handy icons for toggling processing of the queue, refreshing file and folder lists to show recent changes and reconnecting to the last used server.

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  1. Meg

    If you are looking for an application to help you and simplify the task of managing, editing, creating or deleting files on servers or remote computers is one of the best options that can be found, since its interface is very intuitive and does not require advanced computer skills. to be able to use it.

    Pros: It is very easy to connect and interact with the structures of file systems.

    The graphical interface simplifies the location and visualization of the necessary files.

    The transfer of files is fast and if there is a problem with any file, the system notifies you which files could not be copied.

    You can connect several remote computers simultaneously and visualize their equipment during the same session.

    The files can be passed from one folder to another just by dragging the indicated file to the folder they want to be the new destination.

    You can download the files if you wish to have a backup on your local computer, and that you can easily recover at any time.

    Cons: I would like that the files could be edited directly from the application, without needing to open them in another application. Since sometimes we do not want to store those files on our local computer, we just want to modify them on our remote computer.

  2. Joi

    I recommend talking with your web host to get all the required FTP connection details before trying to connect with FileZilla. It might save you some time and headaches, because I’ve tried connected before with the FTP info shown in my hosting account, but it just didn’t work. My web hosting’s support team was able to send me the correct info.

    Pros: FileZilla is very intuitive and easy to use once you set up your connections. You can just click on a site bookmark and connect to your web host in a specific folder right away. We can either select the file in FileZilla's file browser to upload or drag and drop files from our computer's file browser. Very fast and reliable.

    Cons: It may be tricky for some people to get their connections set up. Knowing where to enter FTP info could be more clear for people that aren't familiar with FTP clients. There are times when the web address doesn't work for no apparent reason and we'll have to resort to using an IP address.

  3. Jonas

    If you’re looking for a simple file transfer tool, this is pretty good.

    Pros: Filezilla is simple and straight forward.. I've used a much older file transfer back then but this has a nice simple interface. I've used this application for years for general use of file transfer, so I don't believe I have used any other advanced features that this application may have.

    Other features are that you can do with this that is useful is to save server information. This is important and efficient for those who don't remember or don't want to type in credentials each time.

    Another nice thing is that the navigation system on one has a tree hierarchy.

    Clicking on the directories from the tree hierarchy, will open up the list of files on the pane below it. This is useful, having the dual visual, rather than having to get into the folder, and losing the visual of where you are in the hierarchy.

    In addition, you can see your local files on the left, and server files on the right. So you can easily and conveniently drag and drop, or double click to transfer one to the other... instead of having to open a separate file directory application and transferring over.

    Another useful feature is being able to choose a default file editor, instead of any native application text editor. Usually the built in editors aren't that advanced or even color coded, so using your own is great. It will open right up automatically when you click to edit.

    Some other features is

    - Keeping yourself logged in for awhile (instead of being logged out too soon).

    - There's also log messages to help you know of the connect status when you initially connect, or any file transfer errors.

    Cons: One of the slight things that could be made better is the navigation system for files. At least the prior versions, whenever I upload things, it seems to refresh repeatedly and it is harder to view where we left off or multitask. However this may be universal with other file clients.

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