Enlight Pixaloop

Enlight Pixaloop

Create moving photos for a unique type of photo art! Animate your photos & magically bring them to life with Enlight Pixaloop. The newest addition to the award-winning Enlight Creativity Suite of apps brought to you by Lightricks takes photo editing to the next level.

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Enlight Pixaloop iOS, Android App
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Author: Lightricks Ltd.
Category: Photography
  • Easy to use animation tool
  • Produces nice, unique effects
  • Moving overlays are a nice touch
  • Reliant on good source photos to work
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Rerated Score: 95/100
Author: Lightricks Ltd.
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  • Freeform paths for intuitive, freehand-style
  • Arrows
  • Anchors
  • Freeze and Unfreeze Brushes
  • Real-Time Animation Speed Control
  • Choice of loop styles
  • Camera FX
  • Zoom in and out
  • Cool Overlays like flames and raindrops to add mood
  • Animate as many areas of your photo as you like
  • Export to social media in multiple formats
  • Unlimited Projects

The brilliant app can bring any photo to life with its super cool animation tech. Whatever element you want to animate in your photo, you can. Be it clothing, clouds, water, or even strands of hair. The animation speed can also be adjusted in the Pixaloop app, which is great. You can animate elements to move in two different directions in the same photo as well, for example, two-way escalators.

How do you use Pixaloop?

Well, it’s quite simple. All you have to do is just place an arrow in the direction you want the animation to move, on the element you want to animate.

You can place ‘anchors’ in Pixaloop to reduce the animation speed on the areas you want. You can also freeze motion in parts you want to keep natural or to hold specific elements.

If you want to do things like defy gravity and make the water in a waterfall flow upwards, you can do that as well.

Pixaloop brings life to images with the best mobile photo animation software, creating moving pictures that will wow anyone from your friends to Instagram followers. And best of all, it’s a free photo animation app. Pixaloop allows you to easily edit photos with powerful, precise, and easy to use animation tools. In just a few taps animate and add animated effects to watch your image come to life. As a result, you’ll get incredible videos that boomerang back and forth or flow like a GIF.

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  1. Chana

    The advertisement is excellent. I bought it. I paid a decent amount for the application. I was disappointed almost immediately. Filters fall “crookedly”, there are few options to manage them. Everything is uncomfortable! Even in free applications there are more opportunities. The money spent on the product was really a pity.

  2. Chelsea

    The application itself is cool, BUT … but there is NOTHING free !!! Edit the photo and just look without the ability to save ?!

  3. Elijah

    At first, I also thought that only a paid application, it turned out not, you can test the functions, but you can save only in the video format and in the quality.

  4. Steven

    The application is good, but a huge minus is a quality of the material being synchronized.

  5. Kelly

    GIF animation of disgusting quality. Video quality decreases dramatically when uploaded to stories. I tried to put music on the created video, but after saving, the quality drops even more. Conclusion: you will not be able to fully share your creativity in social networks. You will examine your pictures yourself. Just who needs it?

  6. Eden

    you get for free: the effect of water, rain, flying fluff and all that, and everything that’s really beautiful is paid, and not cheap!

  7. Lily

    Very cool application. In minutes it allows you to make very amazing animations for photos. The interface is friendly, simple and straightforward. Developers are well done!

  8. Dylan

    I bought a subscription … I take a photo, and that’s it, this is the end .. The photo is not exported. Kicks me out of the application … It just doesn’t work

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