Dropbox is a creative collaboration space designed to reduce busywork, bring your files together in one central place, and safely sync them across all your devices—so you can access them anytime, anywhere. And sending large files is easy, even to people who don’t have a Dropbox account. Features like the doc scanner, shared folders, offline access, and more, make collaborating with others’ simple.

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Author: Dropbox, Inc.
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  • Bonus expansion of the volume by inviting friends.
  • Data recovery within a month for the free subscription.
  • Search the disk.
  • Convenient and fast loading of photos and videos.
  • Offline mode.
  • Encryption.
  • Very little free cloud place at the start.
  • Most of the features are provided only in the paid subscription.
  • The lack of mass work with information on the disk: copying, moving, downloading.
  • Few sorting methods.
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Rerated Score: 99/100
Author: Dropbox, Inc.
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Keep and access files in any place

Collect your working papers in one safe place. Get access to your files from your computer, phone or tablet – the changes you made from one device will be automatically synced to the rest of your devices.

Share small or large file

Send files to anyone, even if you do not have a Dropbox account. The files you share with Dropbox are always updated, helping you and your team to effectively organize the overall work.

The volume of cloud storage

In terms of the number of locations provided, Dropbox is a real underdog, at least when it comes to a free account since it only has 2 GB. For documents, it is quite possible, and that’s enough, but if you need to transfer photos, sometimes you can get into a situation where for the procedure you have to divide everything and send it to the cloud in stages.

In part, these shortcomings cover a number of useful possibilities:

  • instant synchronization of content from all connected devices;
  • protection of information by 256-bit AES and SSL encryption;
  • the ability to restore a previous version or any remote file within 30 days.

As a bonus, it is suggested to get an additional 250 MB by performing very simple tasks: install the program on a PC, share a folder with friends and colleagues, upload something to the cloud, etc. The list consists of seven items, but even for the performance of any five of them in any sequence, the place will be given.

You can get more virtual space by recruiting new members. Provided that the new user you have installed will install Dropbox on your computer, you will both receive 500 MB each. The maximum bonus cannot exceed 16 GB.

If this is not enough, it is suggested that you select one of the paid subscriptions. Thus, an “extended” account for 10 US dollars a month will increase the disk capacity by 1 TB. Payment for the year ahead will cost 99 US dollars. In addition to this, you get additional features beyond those found in the base account. Control access and set third-party rights only to view or edit content in public folders. In addition, for the links, you can select the validity period and set passwords for them. And also for data protection, remote erasure of information is suggested.

The second paid subscription is business-oriented and this is how it is positioned. For 15 US dollars a month, the user gets as much space in the cloud as they need. A tempting offer is not it, but there are some pitfalls. To begin with, the price, $ 15 is contracted from the person in the group, with the minimum number of such a group – 5 people. And it does not matter if you want to buy additional space for yourself or your friend, friend or someone from your relatives, in any case, you will have to pay for the five. But every subsequent account, included in this group, will cost only 15 dollars.

The benefits of a business subscription are as follows:

  • removal of access restrictions. Traffic available for download increases by 10 times, which makes it possible to download data much more quickly to a wider range of people;
  • the ability to remotely erase content from a lost device, while copies of this data are securely stored in the cloud;
  • priority technical support by e-mail;
  • unlimited time to restore deleted files;
  • report about the actions of users.

As for the space provided, each group receives 1000 GB for each user, and if there is not enough space, it is enough to write to the support service. In addition, it is possible to negotiate a discount for non-profit organizations or if the group is very large.


Among other clients, only Dropbox is dominated by a certain personality. If all previous analogs are similar to each other, and so get confused and get lost in any of these applications will be quite difficult, especially if you have experience with one of them, then, I would say, you have to learn everything from the beginning.

The sidebar, in which I personally already got used to switching between file types or the folders themselves, is missing. All this is located on the top panel and is divided into 4 icons. The first is the disc itself, where all the downloaded information is contained. If there are a lot of data, then for convenience they can be placed in a folder, but you just have to do it all by moving one item, because I did not manage to select a few.

Items with the creation of a new folder, sending something to the cloud, etc. are in the drop-down list by clicking on the ellipsis on the left side of the screen. There it is also suggested to sort the information, but only the choice is not very wide: in alphabetical order and in descending order.

But as regards the addition of the information itself, there are no restrictions, at one time you can add as many elements as there is enough memory. There are two ways to do this:

  • photo and video material, which is grouped in the form of tiles;
  • Other files where the operation can be performed using the opened window with the file manager.

Another interesting enough function is the creation of a text document and its editing from the disk itself. Similar operations can be performed with other text documents, while the created fragment is downloaded, edited in a gadget and saved back into the cloud. And if there are no editing programs in the device, then you will be asked to install them from Google Play.

If desired, all the downloaded information can be shared by clicking on the switch to the right. In the window that appears, you will be asked to send a link to the file, add to favorites, delete or perform various operations in the form of renaming, moving, etc.

The number of available operations with the link is slightly limited, you can basically share it with the help of “messengers” and a couple of pre-installed programs. There are more opportunities to open when exporting files, where the choice of which application to use is much larger.

The next tab is referred to as the “gallery”, and it is here that all the graphic images on the disk are collected. Photos are sorted by date, and if this method is not suitable, then all the information can be placed in albums. And the installation of an additional service Carousel, according to the developers, will make the storage of photos in Dropbox more convenient.

“Favorites” will contain all the most important, if such will be in a separate tab for quick access, such as important documents, photos, and other information. In addition, the starred items are saved and available offline.

The last “notifications” tab is intended to inform important news of the application.

View free space on the disk, choose which network and which files will be downloaded, activate the automatic upload of material from the camera and not only in the settings. The number of parameters is not that much, but everything is important as it is. Most of all I liked the application password protection, and most importantly – data deletion in case of incorrect password entry 10 times in a row.


The application is quite functional, many interesting parameters, integration with services, it is clear that the developers are working on improving their program. In some places, it’s a little unusual, and at first, it may be necessary to get used to it.

At the same time, many things are missing, the same sorting, simultaneous work with several files. In addition, some useful functions are divided between paid subscriptions, although this is not critical, but still a little unpleasant.

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    I cannot access my Dropbox account on my home computer. It is accessible on my computer at the office. HELP!!

  2. Nina

    Excellent cloud storage easy to use that has applications for almost all platforms. This way you can get it almost everywhere: Dropbox makes adding documents to folders much easier than other platforms in the cloud. That’s why I recommend it whenever I can to my colleagues and friends.

    Pros: I use Dropbox as my main storage solution for files. It facilitates access to the files I need from any location. Sharing links could not be easier. I also use the iPhone application. One thing you should keep in mind is the need to load anything that you are going to store in Dropbox. Large files may take a while depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

    Dropbox also includes recovery. This has saved my bacon several times. Make a change to a file that you are not satisfied with? Go online and restore a previous version! Has anyone deleted one of your files from a shared folder? No more tracking them to get it back. Simply go online and use the recovery function. Easy access to files. Simple sharing through links or shared folders Unlimited recovery and version control Synchronization selectable so you do not have to download everything to all the computers you use.

    Cons: Easy access to files Simple sharing through links or shared folders Unlimited recovery and version control Synchronization selectable so you do not have to download everything on all the computers you use.

  3. Andrew

    You can use Dropbox if you need a secure cloud storage. If you need help then you can easily contact customer support and they will reply to you in less then one day.

    Pros: The best part is it supports almost all type of files and all devices. I can even share my document from one device to another. It generates a public shareable link from which it is very easy to share files. The speed is very good for uploading and downloading.

    Cons: It only provides 2 GB of free cloud storage while Google Drive provides 15 GB of free storage. Sometimes when file editing is performed on more than two devices the changes may not be saved. There is no preview available for some file types. So, we can't see the files without downloading it.

  4. Saymon

    I highly recommend Dropbox. You can use it for free until you need more than 2 GB of space, so there’s nothing to lose.

    Pros: I love how quickly you can turn a large file into a link that can be emailed. I love that I have access to my files on all of my devices. I loved that the first 2 GB of space is free.

    Cons: I used up the first 2 GB of space fairly quickly and then I had to pay for space. I now have 1 TB, which costs $99 per year, which seems high to me. Another problem is that it doesn't just store the items online. I primarily use Dropbox on my desktop computer at work, which has an enormous hard drive and is no problem. But when I use Dropbox at home on my laptop, suddenly I get errors that all my laptop space has been used up. So I have to pick and choose which Dropbox folders I want access to at home, and which I don't need. That sort of defeats the purpose.

  5. Steven

    For me is a great choice for save folders and files and sharing with my friends and the easy for me to share and synchronize your files without any limitation or problem.

    Pros: I love this application because allows me saving all different files from my computer or my cell phone to my DB account and I can check every time when I need it. Other stuff that I like is the capacity of sharing my files or folders with my family or friends with a simple link and that's it. All you can do is an internet connection for working well with the app.

    Cons: Sometimes, if you have a share file or folder with someone, it can be very difficult the editing option if two or more people are working with the file and are very low space for free users.

  6. Manuel

    Give it a shot. You can use the free version before going into the higher paid level of the product.

    Pros: I love the mobile app. I have easy access to all my files anywhere I am. Not only on my desktop in my office, and on my Surface Pro when I travel, but also from my phone anytime I need them. I also love the piece of mind I get knowing my files are backed up. I also really like that I can choose which folders to sync to which devices.

    Cons: When you get close to full storage they suggest you upgrade to a higher plan. I have to dismiss this notification every day. I feel like once I dismiss it, I shouldn't have to keep dismissing it daily. The only other thing I can say I dislike is the inability to password protect or set expirations for shared files unless you have an upgraded dropbox plan.

  7. bern bowes

    dropbox seems like a wonderful service so far, but I just got started with the free version,
    and cannot figure out how to do one thing I used to do.

    Pros: free trial, great idea!!!

    Cons: I want to upload only my previously un-saved photos from camera's memory card .
    They are making me look through all of my photos to choose which ones, and my card has hundreds on it!
    Why can't it pick out the previously saved VS non-saved like my former software could do?
    This is becoming too cumbersome to use!
    I am trying to find out if this can be done, but any help would be appreciated.

  8. Eva

    Writes, you can connect no more than 3 devices. Suggests disconnect. At the same time, it shows only 2 devices. Disable the second does not, as it requires to disconnect 2 devices. And there are only 2 of them.

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