Clips is a free app for making fun videos to share with friends and family. With a few taps, you can create and send a video message or tell a quick story with artistic filters, animated text, music, emoji and fun stickers featuring characters from Star Wars, Disney•Pixar and more.

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Author: Apple Inc.
Category: Audio and Video
  • Deep editing controls and effects.
  • Impressive voice-transcribing auto-captioning works really well.
  • Uploads to apps like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.
  • Included soundtracks are fun.
  • It’s free.
  • It only makes square videos.
  • Menu layouts can be a little confusing to learn at first.
  • Audio editing is limited.
  • Captions and audio can only be recorded when a clip is added.
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Rerated Score: 73/100
Author: Apple Inc.
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When you open it, you’ll be greeted with a square capture screen, looking at you through the front camera. If that reminds you of Snapchat, you’re not alone. It puts recording front and center, it’s got a few filters and even a bunch of overlays. Fortunately, the similarities end there.

Ultimately, Clips is a new-age video editor. Don’t let that term’s aging connotations drive you away; this is not a professional’s tool by any means. Clips is to Final Cut Pro what your Sunday gully cricket tournament is to the IPL. At the same time, it’s good enough to let you create (somewhat) professional-looking content.

The more video-inclined in you are probably thinking: “But I already have iMovie to fill that niche.” That’s true. For a bit of casual creative fun, iMovie on a Mac has its appeal. On the iPhone’s screen, though, it’s a whole different story. And with video slowly taking over most social apps – just scroll through your Facebook feed, if you don’t believe us – Apple’s willing to bet that Clips will find suitable use.

Recording and customization

Clips offer three ways of creating a video – you can click a picture or capture a video from within the app, or pull in something from your existing iPhone library, aka the Photos app. All three options are located right below the viewfinder. No matter what you pick, it’s reformatted to always fit a square aspect ratio, which is a bit of a bummer. The one good thing is that you can manually swipe around with panoramas, and then Clips smooths out the motion later.

Apple has baked in four ways of customizing individual clips – “Live Titles”, that is text, filters, overlays, emoji, and “posters”, which are basically title cards. Filters, overlays, and posters are straight-forward to use. You pick one from the options, drag them around for placement, and can double-tap to edit the text within. Unfortunately, just like Snapchat, the emojis here don’t render in high-res.

The first of those – Live Titles – is the most interesting aspect, as Clips can transcribe and layout it on the video, synchronized to your talking speed. You can choose from a variety of options for the text’s appearance, and then you narrate to your iPhone while you hold the record button.

Once you’ve done that, Clips will show you how your video looks with the text. You can choose to retain your speech, the text version, or both. Those are good options to have, considering how much video we watch these days tends to be silent video. You can also pause playback at any moment, and double-tap to edit the text if the voice recognition fails.

It doesn’t make for the most intuitive functioning, overall. Clips doesn’t make it clear what button does what – the microphone button doesn’t record audio, it’s meant to mute you instead. Moreover, the transcribed text doesn’t appear until you’re done speaking. And if you forget to choose Live Titles before hitting the record button, you can’t convert it to text later. Not cool.

Editing and sharing

All video clips go into a timeline at the bottom. You can tap on any individual clip to play with its length, mute it, or get rid of it. To reorder the clips, just hold down and drag them left or right. If you import an existing video with audio and record a voiceover, the mute option is clever enough to recognize the tracks as separate – you can unmute the recorded audio or the original audio.

Clips also let you bring in background music to layer over the full video. That’s the icon in the top-right. You can either pick from over a dozen soundtracks supplied by Apple, or head into your personal music collection. Apple Music tracks are unfortunately not covered in the latter, which is rather disappointing considering Apple made this app itself.

Once you pick your favored song, Clips will layer it across your video. It even handles mixing on its own, making sure your narration doesn’t get drowned by the music. The only let down with the audio aspect of Clips is that you can’t fine-tune the selection, or alter the volume yourself.

If you’re satisfied with your creation, you just touch Done in the bottom-right of the timeline. When you tap the share button, you can either save the video (in full-HD) to your library or share it on the social networks you prefer. In addition, there’s a new iMessage tray above that.

Apple says it uses facial recognition tech to identify people in your videos and suggest iMessage contacts accordingly. We’re not sure how well this works, but it didn’t pick up any of the faces during our initial testing and reverted to a list of recent contacts.


  1. Brooke

    Music problems. This is probably one of my favorite apps and I love it. I’ve got two things I really need help on.#1 for the last few days I have been trying to make a Star Wars film with the music but I can’t seem to get it. What I do is that I go on the music icon and then go on ‘my music’ then on playlists and then on the playlist the Star Wars music is on but I can’t see any music anywhere so I go on Apple Music and it’s there so I’m not that sure what to do. #2 I also really want to make a film with no music and then the music comes in at the last scene but whenever I click on the last scene and go onto music and set it on for the music it plays for the whole film, not just the one scene.

  2. Beatrice

    can’t download. generally good stuff, filming is easy and quick and everything is easy to edit in or out. One issue I have experienced though is the downloading of the clips from icloud. many a time have I not been able to watch my videos and this does not come in handy. even when I have gone off the app or my phone has switched off for a few minutes and I come back to sort it out, it is needed for an icloud download and I can not get them back.

  3. Oliver

    AMAZING 😉 I think clips is an amazing app because you can do so many cool things to your pics and add funny titles. Also if you screenshot your edited pics from clips you can make amazing movies and trailers on ‘iMovie’. Also, the effects are sooooo cool 😎 you can make it into a comic or make it black and white to look like the old days. Sometimes when you edit your pics you’ll find that it doesn’t quite go with what you want to do with it. If this happens don’t get frustrated just if you can take the same pic but in a different light or go on to photos and edit it so the light matches the filter. I definitely recommend this app and listen to my advice and try it because trust me it all really works really really really well.

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