Boo – 3D Avatar & AR Chat

Boo – 3D Avatar & AR Chat

Boo is your own 3D avatar. Customize your avatar with tons of face features, hairstyles, and outfits. Decorate your Boo home with a variety of stylish items. Have fun with friends by visiting each other’s home, sending & receiving greetings, collaborating in the camera, generating dual stickers and making cool videos.

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Boo – 3D Avatar & AR Chat iOS, Android App
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Author: Beijing Baide Aisi Technology Co., Ltd.
Category: Entertainment, Photography


Create Your 3D Avatar

  • Boo provides a great kind of skin tones, eye colors, hairstyles, hair colors and more to make it looks just like you or the way you like. There are also tons of outfit options for you to change whatever you want to match your daily fashion and diversify your personal avatar.

Decorate and Visit Home

  • Design and decorate your avatar home in the way you like. There are different kinds of items for you to choose from. Visit friends to see how their Boo homes look like and explore the fun streaks about your friendship.


  • Create greetings by choosing the animation and recording your own voice for your avatar to welcome friends when they come to visit. And you can also interact with friends by sending each other greetings to have fun.


  • More friends, more fun. You can play with friends and create stickers, photos, and videos together. Visit each other’s home and send greetings to uncover fun streaks about friendship.


  1. Selfie Camera. Open Selfie Camera to turn your face into your 3D avatar, take a selfie to express yourself your way with avatar face.
  2. AR Camera. Put your avatar in the real world to make creative AR videos. Make your avatar dance or play together with friends.

Animated Stickers

  • Boo has a huge library of animated stickers including all kinds of status and emotions for you to express your feelings and have fun with friends. Use 2-person stickers featuring you and your friends directly in Boo.


  • Use your avatar or avatars of your friends to film the videos just for you. Experience all kinds of fantastic scenarios and play with friends together.


  • Pick from plenty of options of expressions, poses, and backgrounds to personalize snapshots for your avatar as you want. Have fun with friends by customizing couple pics of your avatars.

Boo in iMessage

  • Send Boo directly in iMessage. Make chatting easier and more fun.
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Rerated Score: 93/100
Author: Beijing Baide Aisi Technology Co., Ltd.
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  1. Sidney

    Previously, the application was better. Why did they remove the old designs ?! I had all the icons with one girl (haircut, clothes, hair color). Now I can’t even make a similar one !! Removed the old hairstyles, blonde hair color can not be done at all !! ((

  2. Caroline

    The application is cool! I advise everyone!

  3. Madeline

    game cool, just how to dance? tell me, please😢😢

  4. Eliza

    The game is normal, but there are drawbacks: 1) Not enough clothes … 2) Only the front camera works in it … 3) Few animations 4) It used to be better

  5. Christopher

    The game is good, but it often crash out and I can’t enter the game, so I made a character, but I can’t play, please help😥😥😥

  6. Frederick

    The application is complete nonsense. I didn’t play this horror. I can’t just go into the game, they require PRO version from me and that’s it. Bredyatina. Before you buy, you need to play in order to understand whether it is worth it or not. Do not download, it is not worth it. It’s easier for me to download the hacked on the Internet, or to hack this disgrace myself. Fortunately, this will be very simple.

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