Windows 10 Emojis

Windows 10 Emojis

In Windows 10, the built-in system keyboard provides quick access to hundreds of emojis. You can access the on-screen keyboard by right-clicking on the taskbar. The emoticons are then hidden behind the smiley button.

For operation on a touchpad, the virtual keyboard is perfect. If you are on the PC using your mouse and keyboard, you will soon lose your way to the complicated operation, if you just want to send an emoji quickly.
Our tip for a quick emoji access: Let the Windows 10 Discover the latest information about Windows 10! Keyboard untouched and use a browser extension like “Emoji Cheatsheet”, which is free to download for Firefox or Chrome.

Windows 10: middle finger and the Trekkie greeting

Second advantage in addition to the much more pleasant operation compared to the Windows 10 keyboard: “Emoji Cheatsheet” comes with emojis that Windows 10 does not have on offer. For example, you can use the browser extension to express your anger by using the middle finger Emoji (: fu :).
For all trekkies super: With Windows 10 finally has the volcanic greeting in the operating system Discover the latest information about Windows 10! Moving in. If you want to send emoji, you have to use the on-screen keyboard of Windows 10.

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