Snapchat: Create and edit screenshot

Snapchat: Create and edit screenshot

For a long time, screenshots were frowned upon by Snapchat. After all, the service was meant to share private photos, which quickly disappear by themselves. But as quickly as Snapchat itself, the realization spread that you can easily capture the images before their way to the afterlife with the screenshot function. That is sometimes quite funny, but not always in the sense of the sender – to put it mildly.

Justifiably screenshots under Snap pattern were a bad style. Now, a lot of time has passed since Snapchat was founded. Snapchat has long since established itself as a chat platform, especially among teenagers. The developers at Snapchat have also found elegant solutions for dealing with screenshots. Part of it is that the sender is informed when you take one of his snapshots. This significantly increases the inhibition threshold.

At the same time the app offers the recipient that he can edit and share his screenshot directly in Snapchat and this is how it works:

  • Take a screenshot. This works basically everywhere on Android and iOS (iPhone / iPad), but of course it’s about Snaps. So open the app and the snap you want or another view. Then on your Android phone, press and hold the keyboard shortcut on / off and volume down until the display briefly flashes. On the iPhone or iPad you can reach the same destination by keeping the on / off and home button pressed.
  • Wait until Snapchat discovers the new screenshot. Then the message “Screenshot – tap to edit” appears at the top of the screen. Tapping this hint will allow you to edit and share your screenshot in the same way as other snaps.

Update: With Apple’s new operating system iOSHere’s matching products on! 11 (will be released on September 22, 2017) Snapchat screen capture does not work yet.


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    I liked the app! Why when new masks appear, old ones disappear !?

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