Sales on Aliexpress

Sales on Aliexpress

On AliExpress, regular thematic sales are held, dedicated to various events, and users regularly ask questions about the next upcoming event. In this article, we will try to talk about what is happening on the day of the sale, as well as answer the most frequent questions.

How are to sales on AliExpress?

It all starts a few days before the upcoming event. An announcement of the promotion appears on AliExpress, with a link to the promo page, where the actions preceding the sale are listed daily. As a rule, the pre-sale period lasts about a week and is divided into several stages, such as:

  1. Collect likes to provide discounts on popular and expensive items. This period lasts one to two days, during which users who have a profile in social networks, like the products that you would like to see with the maximum discount, the more likes, the more substantial the discount. As practice shows, all products are gaining the required amount with interest.
  2. Opening prices for all products presented in the framework of the action. At this time, the results of voting on the previous stage are summed up, and a section of the upcoming promotion becomes available, where you can see the list of products with maximum discounts and the time before their sale begins. This period takes two to three days.
  3. Sale coupons, the action of which applies to not very expensive goods. On the last day before the sale or a little earlier, you have the chance to buy very lucrative coupons that offer substantial discounts when you buy any product on the day of the promotion. First of all, these coupons are advantageous because the restriction on their use is significantly lower than that of ordinary ones, for example, a $ 20 coupon bought for one dollar will provide an opportunity to receive a fixed discount at face value from a purchase worth only $ 100, that is, for one dollar you buy yourself an additional discount of 20%.

During the entire pre-sale period, promotional pages are used for stimulating games in which you can earn points, which are subsequently exchanged for discount coupons (though not as profitable as those sold in the last days before the sale). For these coupons, the discount usually does not exceed 10%, or even less.

Day sales

The onset of the long-awaited day is marked by an unprecedented act of buyers, from the very morning waiting for the start of the action, but the action starts only closer to dinner.

After the start of sales, every hour it becomes available to purchase several items of goods with crazy discounts, but how much discounts there are, the amount of goods participating in the promotion is so small. The most “tasty” lots are represented by a miserable 5-10 pieces, which is extremely small for everyone, so the hope that you will be able to buy a phone worth $ 300 for $ 30 is insignificant.

The process of buying a product on sale consists of constant monitoring of the remaining time on the timer, and then, in case you are lucky, and slipped onto the purchase confirmation page, quickly entering the security code, after which the overwhelming majority want to see the inscription “Sold out”, meaning that There was someone smart, who managed to enter the code a little earlier, well, and those lucky ones who got to the next stage, where you need to pay for the goods, will experience inexpressible emotions after the adrenaline rush.

A couple of tips:

  • One minute before the end of the timer, refresh the page to exclude the “runaway” of the timer in the browser from real time.
  • After clicking “Buy”, immediately scroll the page down with the mouse wheel, as the security code appears in the bottom right of the page with the order confirmation.

Such “marathons” will start at the beginning of each hour during the whole term of the promotion, which at the last moment may be “unexpectedly” extended for several more days, so do not despair and try again and again and once you are lucky.

In addition to the products presented on this day, most sellers give their own discounts on goods, of course, not so big, but also tangible. However, keep in mind that among sellers there are a lot of cunning ones who, before giving a discount, increase the price of the goods exactly as much as there will be a discount, so don’t rush onto the label with the maximum number, look for similar goods, it is possible that you will find cheaper and without discounts .


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