PUBG Mobile was Created Specifically for Budget Smartphones

PUBG Mobile was Created Specifically for Budget Smartphones

We recently did a review on Fortnite. Its release on Android certainly deserves attention, but let’s not forget about the popular PUBG Mobile, which has long been available on the platform from Google. Now the game has become more accessible. Its new version was created specifically for budget smartphones.

PUBG Mobile is not too demanding. She needs only 36 MB of memory on the drive. Nevertheless, budget smartphones will not give you the necessary performance during the game.

The new version of the game is specially designed for devices with a weaker iron. At the same time, it’s all the same PUBG Mobile. The main difference is that in one game will participate up to 40 players instead of 100. The game card will be less. This means that your device will need to process fewer graphic elements.

PUBG Mobile can be found on Google Play. At the moment the game is not available for download in all countries, but it is worth expecting that this will change soon.

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  1. Brenda

    I play for a long time, I did the layout of the buttons of the game for myself (not a standard), accordingly, I got used to it, now everything is standard … could it not be possible to leave the choice of the old management ???

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