Only Honest Developers Will Remain on Google Play

Only Honest Developers Will Remain on Google Play

Application crashes occur on all devices, regardless of platform, but it is considered that due to the abundance of variables that developers should take into account, this happens more often on Android. To find out the reasons for such departures, the creators of the software collect reports that, according to Google, may violate the privacy of users.

Although application crash reports usually do not contain personal information, Google requires developers to disclose to users which data appear in the reports. This should give users a sense of security about their privacy.

“Your application collects user data using crash reason reports and must comply with Google’s disclosure policy. In order to avoid deletion from Google Play, you need to add [to the app] a notification about the information contained in the reports and a request for permission to provide it, ”some developers received a letter with such content.

It is very strange that Google suddenly revised its own rules for publishing content on Google Play. Perhaps this was preceded by a series of complaints of unauthorized data collection, which, according to users, should be kept away from developers.

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