Minecraft Earth Announcement. Everything You Need to Know

Minecraft Earth Announcement. Everything You Need to Know

Not long ago, Microsoft and Mojang started teasing mobile spin-off games – with augmented reality. Today it came to the announcement – meet Minecraft Earth.

According to the official description of the game, in Earth, users will have to look for unique blocks, chests, and mobs in the real world. Habitual landscapes will decorate cubic objects, which will allow you to interact through augmented reality: trees can become square, and the sidewalk can turn into a diamond mine.

In addition to creatures from the original Minecraft in Earth, new species will appear. They can be caught, then used in the construction of buildings, collecting resources and performing tests. In addition to virtual animals, live people can make you a company – Earth supports the game in a cooperative.

Using the Build Plates tool, users are allowed to create cubic structures. Designs can be seen in the real world in full size.

Minecraft will visit iOS and Android. For the summer scheduled beta testing of the game. Apply to participate in the beta version can be on the official website of the project.

You can see our full preview of the game here.

When is the beta, and how do I join?

The closed beta will launch “this summer” on both iOS and Android. Entry will be limited, though the developers expect they’ll be able to invite “hundreds of thousands” of players over time, so your chances are good. You’ll also receive a free character skin if you sign up for the beta.

Can you use mods?

No, you can’t. Mod support has not been ruled out in the future, but it’s not planned for launch and there’s no timeline for when it might be included.

Can you craft?

Yes, you can. The game will drop the traditional three-by-three grid for simple recipes, but the recipes will be familiar to Minecraft players. With that said, exact details about what can and can’t be crafted, and the materials required, haven’t been made public yet.

Is cross-play supported?

No. Minecraft Earth may use the same Bedrock game engine as Minecraft, but it’s a very different game in most respects. You can’t play with people playing vanilla Minecraft and you can’t import or export creations from Minecraft Earth to Minecraft.

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