How to Use Filters in Like? We will show you!

How to Use Filters in Like? We will show you!

Click on the camera icon → “Make a photo.” Choose a shooting mode: slow (0.25x, 05x), fast (2x, 4x) or normal (1x). For starters, it is better to use “normal” (1x). Click on the “magic of music” and choose any effect you like. Now click on the smiley on the left and choose a cool mask to taste.

Now you can shoot a video. To do this, we clamp the camera icon and do not let go for some time. Letting go, change the angle of the expression of the face, tilt the head and clamp the camera again. So you can repeat many times until the video ends.

Filters allow you to add different magic things to the video, and the moment of the video and the place where the little thing will be added can be chosen. You can experiment with adding them.

In the “Mix Effect” tab, you can influence the positioning of various moments of the video. For example, make a mirror effect, video shake, etc. To apply an effect, select a place in the video where you go to insert it and pinch the desired effect with your finger. If you do not like the effect, click the “undo” button, which is located just above.

Like is already available for iOS and Android platforms.

The detailed review here.


  • Unique Filter Musical Magic. A unique music rhythm recognition technology and various magic effects will occur according to changes in musical tone, intonation, and volume. Using this filter, you can easily mix music with effects to create a dynamic and funny video for 1 minute.
  • Unique 4D Magic around the world. The world’s first technology with the function of scrolling back and forth, as well as the most advanced recognition function, will help you realize many different effects, such as Rocket, End-to-End Movement, Liliput and others. In addition, you can easily and simply switch scenes with more than 20 effects of emergence and disappearance.
  • Superpowers. The world’s newest superpower technology! Control rain, snow, thunder, fire, and even earth with simple body movements. The world’s first editor for creating magical effects: using the leading body motion recognition technology and the self-learning model of the AI algorithm, we created an innovative video recording program with the function of managing special effects through gestures and movements.
  • The magic of touch. More than 50 magic effects including Heart, Fire, Rain, Star Dust, etc. work perfectly and are ready to make your video completely perfect!
  • Stickers for the Face. Cute, beautiful, cool, ugly, magical, elegant, funny, etc. It doesn’t matter what style you want to try on yourself, in just 1 second with LIKE stickers you can completely reincarnate!
  • Magic LIVE is already online! The first in the world Magic LIVE will give you a completely new magical experience! With the new interactive feature, you can make fun of bloggers or improve them at will! Also, you will find more options for a gift and you can easily stand out from the crowd.
  • Boom Effects. Boom Effects can turn your video into a real Hollywood blockbuster! Just 1 second and you’re already a superhero in a cool movie!
  • Mix Effects. Just one click and Mix Effects such as Animated, Scour Lines and Heartbeat are ready to make your video unique! With the use of these effects, your video will not remain invisible! With Mix Effects, you can quickly and better create your masterpieces!
  • Beauty Filters AI. Smart Beauty features combined with various filters will automatically help you look perfect in the frame!


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