How To Send a Large Video to WhatsApp on Android?

How To Send a Large Video to WhatsApp on Android?

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messenger and one of the best media sharing platforms. People use WhatsApp not only for messaging but also for sending files to their friends, family, and other interlocutors. These files can be both photos and audio, and video. However, there is one unpleasant feature in the popular messenger – the limit on the size of the file being sent. True, this trouble can be easily circumvented, and how to do this, we will tell in this article.

How to send a long video from your phone

You can put a video with a long duration in a message in three ways:

  • trim file;
  • compress the volume of the roller;
  • send not the file itself, but a link to it.

Depending on the device and application version, use a few tips to send a video:

  1. From the phone is most convenient to send a link. To do this, go to the site, the video from which you want to send, open the video and copy the data from the address bar. Paste them into the message box and send to the desired recipient.
  2. If the video is recorded by you, you can upload it to the cloud storage and share access with people close to you. Use GoogleDriver or iCloud, as well as third-party services to store information.
  3. To compress the volume of a video file, use special programs, such as Video Compressor, Whatsapp Video Optimizer, or the popular “Video Compression” among Android users. Such programs can compress videos several times, with minimal damage to quality.
  4. Trim video, you can use any application for video processing from a variety of programs presented in online stores.

Another way

Perhaps you didn’t know, but you can send the video to WhatsApp not only by clicking on the photo icon but also by sending the file icon. Steps, in this case, will have to perform a little more, but it’s still not at all difficult.

  1. Open a chat with a person (or people) to whom you want to send a large video (or other media file, as well as a document).
  2. In the set line of the message, click on the icon to send a file with a paper clip and select from the appeared menu “Document”.
  3. In the list of your media files, select the desired video and click on it.
  4. In the confirmation window that appears, click “Submit” and then your video will be sent, but this will take some time, which depends on the file size.

Note. This method still has a limitation. It allows you to send a file larger than 16 MB, but, unfortunately, not more than 100 MB. To learn how to send files weighing more than one hundred megabytes, read on.

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