How to play Guns of Boom

How to play Guns of Boom

You will find yourself in a war, and in a war, there are only two tasks – to survive yourself and destroy as many opponents as possible. Shooting sounds and explosions will be heard everywhere, so you need to be careful not to catch the bullet or fall under the blast wave. How exactly to act – to rush into the thick of things or fight for the shelter – decide for yourself. Opponents will search for you, they will shoot practically without stopping, they will lure you into traps. Outsmart them, be smarter, save bullets and other ammunition, do not lean out once again and do not rush into battle with the head, otherwise, you risk losing this head. Destroy opponents quickly and accurately, earn points, spend them on the purchase of new weapons, medicines and other things useful in battle.

Grab a weapon, fill pockets with clips and break into one of the colorful cards. The management is so simple that anyone can cope with it, but at the same time to win you will need the skill that is not available to any veteran of PvP-battles. Play as a team, help allies to solve tactical tasks, and very soon you will feel the sweetness of real victory!

  • Participate in intense shootouts with other players!
  • Use shelters and make lightning attacks from the flanks!
  • Create a character that will stand out!
  • The explosions of grenades and the whistle of bullets – music for a real fighter!
  • Just point the barrel at the enemy. The game will help with everything else.
  • A huge arsenal and each weapon have its own unique features!

Guns of Boom game is already available for iOS and Android platforms. It is distributed free of charge.

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    Better not to download. Loss of time and nerves.

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