How to edit RAW photos in Snapseed

How to edit RAW photos in Snapseed

The Snapseed photo editor is well known to both professional photographers and amateurs. This is the most complete application in terms of its functions. It combines powerful editing tools and filters that help in just a few seconds to significantly improve the image. Plus, the program is absolutely free.

After the purchase of the project, Google has been more than three years. The company does not stop improving and improving the product, especially in the last year.

If you still do not know what a RAW image is, we recommend reading the relevant article. In short, if you have Android with the option of shooting in RAW + JPG format, a special file (dng) containing the full image information received from the sensor will go to the usual picture with the JPG extension. The camera collects data from darkened or lighted areas, which are lost in the output JPG file during optimization, although with an appropriate level of processing, using them can significantly improve the image. In RAW, this data is stored, and with the help of special software (like Snapseed, for example) it can be accessed.

To start editing in Snapseed, simply open the image in the JPG format and, if there is an associated RAW file, the application automatically displays a special panel for working with such images. The parameters available for processing are as follows:

  • exposure;
  • white balance;
  • contrast;
  • saturation;
  • temperature;
  • tone;
  • the shadows;
  • adding structure and other parameters.

For RAW photos, the usual JPG editing tools, as well as various filters and frames, are also applicable. Note the fact that all the correction takes place in a copy of the original JPG image. The dng-file itself does not change.


Below you can see examples of processing: before and after.


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