How make Windows 10 Faster: These tips will help

How make Windows 10 Faster: These tips will help

The speed of your computer depends primarily on the hardware. But even with the software, there are a few screws that can have a noticeable effect.

This will make Windows 10 faster: defragment your hard drive

Defragmenting the hard drive was a well-known cure in earlier Windows generations. The data on the hard disk will be re-sorted, so they are better ordered. Especially on the partition where Windows 10 is installed, this process causes an acceleration.

  • Right-click on the partition and then on “Properties”.
  • In the “Tools” tab, select “Optimize”.
  • Select the desired drive and start with “Optimize”.

The hard disk is defragmented this way. This process can take some time, depending on the amount of data.

Clean the startup and start up faster

If the boot process takes too long, you should clean up the autostart. You can find out how it works here. With fewer startup programs, the system will need to load a smaller amount of data at startup, which will have a positive impact on speed.

Turn off running programs and increase performance

During operation many programs are active that you do not use at all. Open Task Manager and see which programs consume extra CPU or memory. If these are not important programs, highlight them and click “End Task” in the lower right corner.

Invest in an SSD hard drive

This measure is not free, but causes a very big effect. If your computer is still equipped with a classic hard drive, you should think about an SSD disk. These are much faster and less prone to damage. A popular variant is to install the operating system and important programs on the SSD disk and install a large HDD in parallel for all the remaining data.

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