Heavy blow of WhatsApp: Messenger could now lose millions of users

Heavy blow of WhatsApp: Messenger could now lose millions of users

Heavy blow to WhatsApp: The messaging service seems to have been blocked in China. As a result, the news service could now lose the few million users in the country to the major competitor WeChat.

WhatsApp: Drastic disturbances by Chinese censors

Facebook probably no longer has a foothold in China: After already Facebook itself and Instagram were blocked, now also the messaging service WhatsApp seems to be censored in China. According to the New York Times, cryptography expert Nadim Kobeissi has found that sending text messages over the messenger is disrupted.
It was not until mid-July that Chinese censors prevented WhatsApp users from sending video chats, voice messages, and pictures and videos. Nevertheless, text messages could still be sent without any problems. However, according to Kobeissi, the Chinese censors now have a software Now discover the latest offers from Bitdefender! developed, with which also the strongly encrypted text messages can be disturbed.

WhatsApp users need to upgrade to more controllable services

However, the app is not completely blocked. The Chinese authorities have already disturbed unwanted services so much in the past that users “voluntarily” switch to other means of communication. It selects services that the government can more easily control than foreign servicesOur business area on CHIP. At WhatsApp, the Chinese counterpart “WeChat” offers a remedy which already has 963 million active users. It is estimated that WhatsApp has only a few million users in China anyway.
Other services from American technology companies are still tolerated, such as the Skype service from Microsoft. The reason for the toleration is that the service does not contain end-to-end encryption, as is the case with WhatsApp. This would make it easier for the government to monitor communications and there is no reason for a blockade.

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