Google Fit App Update

Google Fit App Update

Google developers have presented an updated version of a branded fitness app called Google Fit, incorporating support for several long-awaited features. The corresponding statement appeared official microblogging search giant. Innovations integrated into the updated version of Google Fit, facilitate the process of using the application on your smartphone, as well as expand the functionality of smartwatches running Wear OS.

The main innovation of Google Fit was the support of breathing exercises. Thanks to it, users of compatible hours, following the instructions of the application for proper breathing, will be able to calm raised nerves, restore breathing rhythms after a run or just relax after a hard day or exercise.

The benefits of breathing exercises

Scientists have shown that the needs of the human body for oxygen are satisfied only with proper breathing. This rule is equally relevant for people engaged in physical and intellectual work. If people do not consciously regulate their breathing, whether it be a janitor who spends the entire working day in the air, or a call center employee sitting for hours in the same posture in the office, both are at risk of provoking stagnation in supplying the brain and muscles with oxygen-rich blood.

Another new feature introduced in Google Fit was an Android widget. It allows you to monitor your sports progress right from the smartphone’s desktop without having to go to the app. With it, for example, you can track the number of steps, calories burned and the distance that you walk for a certain period of time.


  1. Greta

    Disappointed. Everything was fine until one day I found the time to look into the app. I looked in the next day and saw that the activity of the previous day was zero. How did it happen? All previous day, I was running like a squirrel in a wheel, and as a result, zero

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