Dynamic Theme for Firefox: Add-on changes colors by time

Dynamic Theme for Firefox: Add-on changes colors by time

The browser extension Quantum Lights for Firefox can be seen in the truest sense of the word: Once installed, the add-on changes the color scheme of the browser. The special feature: The appearance of the time of day.

Mozilla has its browser to discover the latest information about Windows 10! Firefox powerfully rebuilt, while also polishing up the look of the open source program. Now with Quantum Lights has been released a free extension, which is based on the design of the new Firefox, but still brings an individual touch.
After installing the extension, the color of the menu bar changes, in a colorful gradient. By default, this has been dark blue since Firefox 57.
What makes Quantum Lights special is the automatic changing of the theme depending on the time of day.

Quantum Theme: Cool extension for Firefox

Currently, Quantum Lights can distinguish between day and night: While the theme of the day sets a warmer, orange-yellow gradient, the night theme comes with a purple-blue color scheme. The incognito mode is kept as dark-purple as usual by Firefox, whereby here too a color gradient from dark to light can be recognized.
Unfortunately, there are currently no further color gradients that can be activated via “Quantum Lights”.

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