Downloading Android Apps From Third-Party Sources Has Become Safer

Downloading Android Apps From Third-Party Sources Has Become Safer

The Google Play Protect antivirus system, available on all licensed smartphones running the Android operating system, turned out to be a more effective solution than was previously considered, learned ZDNet. Google’s proprietary development, designed to detect malicious components in Android applications, can detect forgery in any software, regardless of its functionality and availability in the Google Play catalog.

“Google Play Protect is able to analyze every application that it finds on the Internet,” says the Google corporate blog. – We had to decompose the app APK file into the smallest elements and study. This allowed us to start analyzing the multitude of even the most insignificant processes occurring in the application, thus revealing factors indicative of subversive behavior like phishing attacks and privilege escalation […]. ”

Is it safe to install software, not from Google Play

In theory, this could mean that the search engine giant’s antivirus is able to protect the user from unintentionally installing malware found outside the official catalog. According to Google representatives, as soon as the program gets to the device with the Google Play Protect, the protection algorithms initiate its analysis, checking each component for malicious functions.

The expansion of the search capabilities of Google Play Protect was not in vain. According to Google, over the past year, a corporate anti-virus has reduced the number of infections resulting from installing applications from unverified sources by 7%. Despite the fact that this figure does not pull on a breakthrough, it indicates a positive trend in this area. It is possible that in the foreseeable future, Android will become even more secure than iOS with its App Store, impenetrable for viruses.

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