Create a Megapolis Brick by Brick

Create a Megapolis Brick by Brick

It is not easy to be a mayor, but it is even more difficult to create a megapolis brick by brick. The game SimCity BuildIt challenges all who consider themselves a great engineer or strategist. This construction simulator offers to build a city that will be able to be populated by residents and grow. You can design your own infrastructure so that your settlement can pay taxes. For convenience, you can use the zoom and all-around visibility camera to better navigate during construction.

SimCity BuildIt game allows you to maintain trade relations. To do this, use the shipments of goods by water or air, build urban neighborhoods, open the possibility to use unique buildings (Triumphal Arch, etc.), expand the embankment border. And so that the townsfolk do not get bored, arrange for the various disasters and catastrophes.

In SimCity, you are looking to solve utility problems. For the security will need to organize the work of the police and to provide homes with electricity, you must build a power plant. Corks and other minor troubles also take place, but they only add realism.

SimCity BuildIt game is already available for iOS and Android platforms. It is distributed free of charge.

The detailed review of the game here.


  1. Edgar

    The game is cool, kills time if it’s boring. But donut is not a lot big, do not you think so?

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