Convert Videos to Different Formats for Free with Format Factory

Convert Videos to Different Formats for Free with Format Factory

In this article, I will discuss how to convert those videos you’ve downloaded to any format—also for free. Most of the time, the videos you download are in FLV (Flash video) format, which is something that not all video players can play.

The detailed review here.

Step 1 Download the Media Converter

To start converting videos, we need to download Format Factory. It’s free to download and to use. Not only is it free but it also functions efficiently. After you download Format Factory, you need to, of course, install it.

Step 2 Start using Format Factory

After you’ve installed it, open Format Factory and drag the video you want to convert to the empty portion of the Format Factory window.

Step 3 Configure the Settings of the Video

After you’ve dragged the video, it will open a new window that will let you choose the format which you want the video to be. After you’ve chosen the format you want the video to be, press “OK”.

Step 4 Start Converting

After you’ve configured everything, press “Start” to make Format Factory start converting the video. It may take a while depending on the size of the video.

Step 5 Locate the Converted Video

After the “Convert State” reaches 100%, the video is already converted. Press “Output Folder” to go to the folder which the converted video is in. You are now good to go.


  • You can convert not only videos but also pictures and sounds.
  • You can convert the video to a .mp3 file or any sound file if you want.
  • Format Factory is not limited to converting files into a different format, but it can also do some other cool things.

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