Keep track of the weather using AccuWeather on your mobile device. The app is beneficial if you’re planning a trip to another location and want to know what the weather will be like or if you want to know how to dress for the day before leaving home.

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AccuWeather iOS, Android App
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Author: AccuWeather
Category: Astronomy
  • Monitor changing weather conditions
  • Latest forecasts
  • Interesting graphics to enjoy
  • Updates sometimes make details not work
  • Crashes at times
  • Uses a good bit of battery life

Accurate weather forecasts, real-time alerts, and severe weather warnings are available on-demand. Get today’s weather forecast, hurricane updates, live storm radar and much more!


  • Local weather in real-time
  • Hurricane tracker
  • Severe weather updates
  • Precipitation forecasts on the map

AccuWeather’s main page is called Now, and it features a static image that mimics current weather conditions emblazoned with the current temperature. Swiping left and right on AccuWeather’s main page reveals more weather tools with a dedicated screen for each.

AccuWeather’s Now page manages to cram UV index, humidity, visibility, dew point, pressure, and a table showing wind speed, direction, and gusts. Below all of this data is the My AccuWeather tool, which provides customized forecasts for DIY projects, outdoor fitness, and others. This could have been a key feature, but it’s poorly realized, with vague information like “The temperature is just right, just the right amount of wind.”

Swiping right from the Now page reveals Locations—which are also accessible from a pulldown menu at the top of the screen. This puts location search and saved locations within easy reach.

Swiping left from the Now page pulls up the Hourly forecast, featuring a chart mapping the actual temperature and the “RealFeel” temperature. That information is reserved for an hour-by-hour breakdown below. The Daily forecast, one swipe to the left, use a similar format to show two weeks of forecast data. It’s useful but difficult to read.

Swiping even further to the left is Maps, which shows a current radar map for your location. Below this are also handy links to radar maps for your saved locations. This muddies the navigation of the app somewhat, but I like it. Tapping on a map takes it full screen, giving you the option to animate the movement of local storm systems. The radar map shows the severity of rain, snow, and ice, but does not offer the typical wide array of overlays found in just about every other weather app. It’s certainly less overwhelming, but weather geeks will have to look elsewhere for data about cloud cover, fronts, and the like.

The last two sections are Videos and News, which repackage AccuWeather content for mobile. Better still, there is a Spanish language forecast for the New York area—a big plus in my book. The News section includes text articles on a broader range of topics, but they are still solidly weather-centric.

If all these swiping sounds tiring, it is. The design of AccuWeather feels very dated, and I was surprised at how sluggish the swiping was in my testing. If an app requires that much swiping, it ought to at least be smooth.


AccuWeather has three widgets. The largest take up 4-by-2 slots on your Android home screen and shows the current temperature, time, and a forecast for today and tomorrow. There are also two 4-by-1 widgets with white and dark backgrounds, respectively.

AccuWeather also puts current conditions into the notification tray and current temperature into the notification bar, but that’s par for the course.


AccuWeather doesn’t have any defining features that set it apart from the competition, and its dated design really holds it back. Apps need to look good and perform perfectly, and this app does neither. There are good ideas here, but the whole thing is in desperate need of a refresh.

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Rerated Score: 94/100
Author: AccuWeather
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  1. David

    The application is good. It would be great to add a description on the levels of the UV index and recommendations on the need to wear a hat, sunscreen and time spent in the open sun.

  2. Tyler

    Everything is fine, but for some reason, the time is determined incorrectly, always less than 4 hours

  3. Gavin

    Useless application, forecasts do not coincide with reality at all, deceitfully shows sunny, and there is a thunderstorm on the street! I do not recommend, no sense, only the place takes!

  4. Aria

    It rains on the street, and the application shows sunny … even though it updates the data a hundred times … 👎

  5. Adeline

    The temperature in the status bar and on the lock screen ceased to be displayed.

  6. Felix

    The weather change is not updated immediately, it comes to manual update.

  7. Alex

    the widget is not updated, although when you open inside the updated data. You can open the application through the widget only by clicking on the temperature icon. elsewhere when clicked does not open. not very accurate forecast.

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